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      • 山東辰晶光電科技有限公司-ABOUT US

        Crystik Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and manufacture of functional crystal materials, E-O Q-switches and optical components, which are widely used in medical, aesthetic, industrial and military lasers. More than 70% of these products are sold and highly recognized overseas (including North America, Europe and Asia).

        山東辰晶光電科技有限公司-ABOUT US
      • 山東辰晶光電科技有限公司-Corporate brand

        Crystik has an excellent team of experts who have extensive experience in crystal growth and processing, application of crystal material and optical device, and laser design. Crystik has established close cooperative relations with many universities, research institutions and related enterprises. Crystik’s outstanding R&D capacity guarantees its comprehensive solution for various laser systems.

        山東辰晶光電科技有限公司-Corporate brand
      • 山東辰晶光電科技有限公司-Brand concept

        Taking "integrity, dedication, innovation, service" as its business philosophy, Crystik is providing customers with high quality products and one-stop technical support.

        山東辰晶光電科技有限公司-Brand concept